Talent Search

Talent Search / Recruitment

We believe the most suitable candidate does not mean the one who can fulfill all job requirements, it also depends on different aspects. We take a more personal approach to recruitment than most other companies, to ensure our clients are only partnered with the very best candidates for the job. Our team has deep knowledge and skills to locate the right candidates so our clients will find it much easier to grow the business with perfect fit employees.

Talent Search

1. Permanent Employees

We will work hand-in-hand with our clients to handle all recruitment-related aspects. Our clients will also have chance to evaluate our candidates on the field to make sure they have what they require, as far as skills, character and attitude are concerned, before offering them a full time job. Refer to HK Labour Department for more detail about permanent employee definition.

2. Contract & Outsourcing Employees

We help businesses by recruiting employees with both short- and long-term contracts while taking care of their salary, statutory payments, annual leave, MPF contributions, tax returns and any extras such as travel or medical insurance as well as any additional bonuses as per our clients’ instructions.

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