4 Most Critical Human Skills in Disruptive Era

Most Critical Human Skills

Every industry is facing urgent transformational levels of disruption. Innovations are moving very fast and unavoidable. Some jobs report estimated that by 2020, 75 million tech jobs will be displaced and another 133 million will be created as the balance between humans and machines in the workplace.

There are 4 most critical human skills that The Insights Group suggested to enable personal, team and organizational success in this disruptive age:

1. A growth mindset

A growth mindset believe that everyone has the capacity to learn and develop new skills. With a growth mindset, the desire to keep learning and increasing abilities is a key, and any failures along the way are considered part of learning process. In today’s world, a growth mindset is no longer a nice to have.

2. Resilience: adaptation in action

Resilience is the next come-along skill after a growth mindset. Being aware of how change affects you will help you develop coping strategies in the face of constant disruption.

3. Agility

People with high-levels of agility are on a fast track of their career. These people will be able to flex and grow without breaking too much of sweat. They are ready to take the lead of building new remote team or to head up a next big customer project or any new change initiatives that may have inherent opportunities.

4. Collaboration and communication at a distance

In a global organization, teams are under increased pressure to display strong interpersonal skills and the ability to collaborate with others. However, teams are often as far apart geographically as the technology allows. Knowing how to enhance cross-functional and virtual relationships becomes very important nowadays.